Sergei V. Chernikov is a Russian-born professional artist who for more than 10 years, lives and works in the greater Chicago area.  Over the years Chernikov enjoys growing recognition as a prominent North Shore portrait artist.  He has been invited to participate in the annual Catholic Charities Gala of the Arts Shows as well as  taking part  in many other art shows in Illinois and Wisconsin.  In addition to numerous portraits and still lifes gracing the walls of private homes, his restoration and mural work can be seen in the chapels of Barat College and Woodlands Academy in Lake Forest.

He considers himself primarily a portrait artist.  “People are the most fascinating and challenging genre of painting because of the fluidity of expression that shows the inner life of a person.”  In his opinion,  “A portrait is not a stationary combination of features but the subtle manifestations of a character on the background of outward appearance”.

Chernikov  has also successfully explored various painting genres other than portraiture.  He is especially fond of still lifes.  In his opinion “Still lifes are stories and memories of nature and humans in interaction;  revealing the veiled existence of these interactions celebrates the abundance of color, form, taste, and smell – in other words – it celebrates life”.

Working primarily in oils, the artist is also skilled with pastels, mural work, including trompe l’oeil and statue restoration.

A linguist by education he has been making art since childhood encouraged by his father, who is also an artist.

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